Our History

Edwin Gould (February 26, 1866 – July 12, 1933) was a successful businessman and son of American financier Jay Gould. During his lifetime, Edwin Gould and his wife Sarah Shrady sought to improve the lives of low-income children by helping to fund health care facilities, orphanages and summer camps, as well as vocational and educational training.

Unlike many philanthropists of his era, Edwin Gould became involved in many of the programs he supported and got to know many of the children he helped. In 1923, the Goulds created the Edwin Gould Foundation for Children. Their namesake organization, now called The Edwin Gould Foundation, has provided funding and support for innovations in education both large and small, including Teach For America, New York City Outward Bound, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), Generation Schools, The Edwin Gould Academy and Citizen Schools NYC to name a few. Most recently, the foundation has targeted its support to organizations that help motivated under-served students get the post-secondary training and education they need to find meaningful employment. While the Foundation’s focus has evolved, the central tenets have remained the same: a commitment to helping young people from low-income families improve their lives and a long-term, deeply collaborative approach to grant making.